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We all want to paddle with as few restrictions as possible, so health and safety isn’t the part of our club that most excites people. However, understanding and applying regulations ensures everyone can enjoy paddling in a healthy and safe environment. DCC has a duty of care towards our club members and members of the public. The Club’s Trustees and Operational Management Team are responsible for ensuring all club activity is safe and must ensure that they manage any significant potential risks.

Canoeing is an activity with associated risks. Anyone involved in paddlesport at DCC must be aware that their actions or failure to take an action may affect anyone else involved in that activity and people not actually involved but spectating, living nearby or using the waterway.

We have a well-developed safety framework set out in our safety and operating policies and reflected in our codes of conduct for members. This framework helps every club member develop knowledge and awareness of risks and the club’s basic safety requirements. Please note these specific responsibilities:

  • Club Trustees put procedures and policies in place to ensure the planning and implementation of club activities take Paddle UK and other guidance into account to ensure organisers’ and participants’ safety.
  • All club volunteers, including trustees, committee members, club coaches, activity leaders or club officers with responsibility for our club facilities, club sections or organised events have a duty to see that premises, equipment and activities are safe for all participants, officials and spectators, including members of the public. If an accident occurs, failure to implement these policies or follow guidelines could be construed as negligence.
  • All club members have a duty of care to themselves, to other members and members of the public when they are taking part in any organised club activity or any individual activity conducted at or from the club site. They must take reasonable care to be fully aware of club safety and operating policies and current safety guidance and inform themselves of the risks associated with the activity they participate in.