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Club Vision

DCC’s vision is to become one of the top 10 clubs nationally and top 3 clubs in the SW region judged on growing participation, competitive excellence and a varied development and activity programme that includes all age groups, genders and ability levels.

Measures of success

  • Growing participation against our 2019 baseline:

    • Annual club footfall
    • Annual club membership
    • Member retention
  • Competitive excellence:

    • Numbers participating in sprint, marathon and other endurance events
    • Within top ten clubs nationally at SRC National Sprint Regatta
    • Top three marathon and sprint club in SW Region
  • A varied activity and development programme:

    • Numbers participating in club development in all age and ability groups
    • Year on year measure of paddler improvement
    • Number of new novice paddlers introduced to the sport
    • Number of paddlers trained through school/youth partnerships

Club Strategy 2021 – 2025

Ambition 1. Promote and provide facilities for sport and recreational canoeing for the Devizes community

  • Maximise utilisation of our facilities, balancing member needs with that of the wider community.
  • Build on links with local state schools, prioritising Devizes, Market Lavington and Silverwood (Rowdeford Campus) schools serving our community area.
  • Seek opportunities to expand and develop on-site and off-site facilities.

Ambition 2. Develop coaches, volunteers and leaders

  • Develop additional coaching and volunteer capacity to expand our offer to members and the wider community
  • Expand and develop our pool of volunteers,
  • Develop the skills of our existing coaching team
  • Identify and develop the next generation of club coaches

Ambition 3. Provide healthy competitive and recreational opportunities for all abilities and age groups 


  • Develop our junior and adult programme to widen the range of activities we can offer.
  • Strengthen our programme to increase the number and quality of talented paddlers representing the club and achieving GB potential.
  • Play a more active role in member lifestyle (and performance) with other activities including ergo training, general conditioning and advice about health, lifestyle, nutrition etc.

Ambition 4: Increase competitive excellence in the two flat water disciplines

  • Improve representation at regional and national sprint and/or marathon events
  • Provide a consistent flow of athletes to BC talent pathways.
  • Forge strong connections with a network of like-minded local clubs
  • Make our voice heard on regional and national discipline committees.
  • Provide a range of competitions in regional, SRC and MRC calendars building on our successful pilot events in 2019.

Ambition 5: Increase participation and engagement

  • Increase participation by existing members.
  • Ensure our facilities are accessible when members want to use them.
  • Develop and use effective ways to engage and communicate with club members, former and prospective club members in our community.

Ambition 6: Attract new paddlers to the sport of canoeing

  • Run regular participation events for young people (schools events, holiday course, try-a-paddle and intro courses).
  • Showcase our club offer in the community to attract new members including adults returning to sport.

Ambition 7: Achieve ‘top tier’ club status for a medium-sized club

  • Achieve BC Quality Club standard by end Q1 2022.
  • Offer the highest standards of safety for all members and supporters.
  • Provide exemplary welfare and safeguarding standards for young people and vulnerable adults.
  • Achieve Talent Club Associate status by the next selection cycle (end 2023).
  • Maximise other forms of income (grants, summer camps, regattas, paid-for school programmes and sponsorship).