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Accident and Incident Reporting

Our Safety & Operating Policy provides the framework for ensuring the safety of club members and the public.

DCC has published procedures for reporting accidents and dangerous near misses.

An Accident and Near Misses book is maintained at Lower Wharf, located in the bookcase in the gym, and is available to all members.

Any club member witnessing an accident or a near-miss MUST alert the HAS Officer who has overall responsibility for following up on incidents in accordance with British Canoeing guidelines.

Incident Report Format

Incident Reports should include:

  • Accident/Incident or Near Miss?
  • Date and time of the incident.
  • Name of the injured person.
  • Nature of the injury.
  • Any action taken, and by whom.
  • How the accident occurred, precisely what the injured person was doing, where, and what was likely to have caused the accident.

If a hazard is identified and recorded, steps can be taken to prevent a reoccurrence.

This report also applies to an incident where no one was injured but considered a ‘near miss”, to prevent an accident from happening in the future.

British Canoeing Incident Reporting

BC’s online reporting system is for all canoeing incidents, whether you are a member of British Canoeing or not. You should use it to report near misses as well as actual incidents.

The information you provide helps BC, our national governing body, to identify canoeing issues, and establish an accurate picture of safety and other concerns across the country.

This information will help improve safety for everyone. So, please include incidents such as those with other water users, access issues, pollution/environment, canoeing safety etc as well as major incidents or accidents.

Access DCC Incident Report Form

Link to access British Canoeing’s PDF or online report form