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Our club structure

Devizes Canoe Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This means that we have all the advantages of registration with the Charities Commission, but also gain the benefits available to limited companies, including limiting the liability of trustees and members. As a CIO we are regulated by the Charity Commission and file a single annual report and a set of accounts.

In accordance with the club’s constitution, we hold an AGM every year, to which all members are invited. Important documents relating to the AGM, including the Trustees’ report to the Charity Commission, annual accounts, and AGM minutes are now published in the members’ section here.

Being a charitable organisation confers many advantages including exemption from business rates and access to grant restricted to charities. It also has some responsibilities. We are governed by our CIO constitution and nominate trustees to conduct the club’s business, including financial and asset management. Trustees are directly responsible to the Charity Commission on behalf of our members.

The Club is governed by the CIO Constitution. This important document, agreed with the Charities Commission, sets out the CIO’s powers and scope, including things like trustees’ and members’ liabilities and duties. We suggest you read it. It is our primary governance document and in the event of a conflict with any other policy, the constitution will prevail.

See CIO constitution

Club Rules

Our Club Rules support the CIO Constitution by explaining practical arrangements for club governance, for example, how and when we should hold the AGM. This is another document club members should read.

The CIO Constitution and Club Rules may only be changed by a vote of members at the AGM. Changing our CIO Constitution also requires Charities Commission approval.

See Club Rules 2021

CIO management structure

The club’s governance structure is relatively simple:
Trustees’ Committee. Consists of the Club’s trustees who meet infrequently to approve significant financial or legal commitments on the club’s behalf, including things like investment in the built estate, and to approve major changes in policy. They are ultimately accountable to the Charity Commission for the club’s effective governance.

CIO Trustee Committee

There are currently 12 trustees:

Mark Bouch

Mark Bouch

Deputy Chair:

Sue Colby


Lindyanne Ehrnrooth

CIO Treasurer:

Paul Papworth-Smith


Chris Jones

Juliet Fooks, Trustee

Trevor Hunter

Andy Allen, Trustee

Dan Colby


Nick Poole


Hannah Snowsill


Simon Darling


Andrew Park


Nick Prichard

In attendance:

Stuart Colby (as DCC Facilities Manager)

Anyone may apply to be a Trustee. Trustees are appointed by the annual general meeting of members.

Club Management Committee

The Trustees delegate operational management responsibilities to a club management committee who meet monthly or as often as required. All members of the management committee have a specific role within the club:

Chair/Club Development
Mark Bouch

Mark Bouch

Role Description-Chair
Deputy Chair/Club Operations

Sue Colby


Lindyanne Ehrnrooth

Role Description
Coaching Team Lead

James Mahoney

Captain of Boats

Nigel Chivers

Welfare & Safeguarding

Emma O’Hare

Volunteer Coordinator

Sue Colby

Junior Section Coordinator

Anna Overton

Senior Section Coordinator

Nigel Chivers

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Officer

Ellie Johnson

Public Relations

Victoria Cains

Health & Safety
James Papworth-Smith

James Papworth-Smith

Champion Club Lead

Chris Jones

Facilities Manager:

Stuart Colby

Other members/officers may be co-opted and invited to attend any meeting.

Club Officers

Off committee appointments supporting specific club functions

British Canoeing/SRC/MRC Liaison

Chris Jones

Competition/Junior Racing

Sarah Cook

DW Endurance Paddling Group

Dan Colby

Website Management


Competition/Senior Racing

Nigel Chivers

DBS Coordinator
James Papworth-Smith

James Papworth-Smith

Talent/High Performance Coach

Trev Hunter

Lead Junior Coach

Bev Hunter

Deputy Welfare Officer
Anna Overton
Deputy Welfare Officer

Cathryn Martin

Committee membership is open to all Club members, though we will only appoint committee members to fill specific roles required to ensure the efficient management of the club and ensure the committee does not get so large it becomes inefficient.

Members wishing to put their names forward to serve on the management committee should submit their name to the Club Chair or Club Secretary at any time.

The club committee maintains a record of all decisions made. These documents (known as ‘minutes’) are available to all club members and from January 2021 are published on the club website. Minutes from meetings prior to 2021 may be requested from the Club Secretary.

Club Coaching Group

The Coaching Group includes all our BC qualified coaches and any volunteer who supports programme delivery on the water, including paddle group leaders, paddlesport leaders and potential coaches who are training towards qualification.

The Coaching Group’s role is to:

  • Coordinate coaching resources across the senior and junior programme
  • Share best coaching practice to maintain coaching standards and consistency
  • Support development of future club coaches
  • Ensure a team approach to coaching delivery

Bev Hunter leads the Club Coaching Group.

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