Training timetable

These are the sessions we run on a weekly basis, but additional activities will run during school holidays.

Junior sessions always have a Club Coach present and a training plan that is set – all participants must follow the set training plan.  Juniors are invited to attend only after having completed the 4-week Introduction to Paddlesport course.

Adults can choose whether to join in with the sessions or not, but before attending must have had a competency assessment with one of our coaches. Please contact us to arrange this.

Winter Sessions

(Starting December 2021)


17:00 -18:00  Junior racing squad Gym Session


07:00 – 07:45   Junior racing squad Ergos

15:10 -16:00  Junior racing squad A paddle

19:15   PILATES

A supervised session with a coach, available at the club.

19:00 – Womens Squad on the water training


17:00 – Junior Beginners & Racing group C on the water training

Meet 16:50 on the water 17:00

17:30 -19:15  Junior racing squad Gym Session


10:00 – Adult Only Training (appointment only)

Meet 09:45, on the water 10:00

17:15 – Junior Racing A ergos

18:00 – Junior racing squads running


A supervised session with a coach, at the club to help in the gym.


No coached sessions


9:15 – Racing group C on the water training

10:30 – Racing Group D on the water training

13:30 – Junior racing squads A and B on the water training

Meet 13:20 on the water 13:30

14:30 – Racing Squad A – ergos


Open Adult session

(not supervised unless part of the DW training group).

We will be restarting monthly club time trials, crew boat sessions, and occasional Sunday events including tours. Details of these will be circulated as they are organised.

Adult paddling groups

Paddling groups are intended to be self-managing, use WhatsApp groups for communication, and may request support from a club coach.

The groups that will run are as follows;

  • Progression to racing groups. Intended for those who wish to take part in entry-level racing – Divisions 9-7.

  • Race training groups. Intended for mixed ability racing paddlers with some racing experience –  Divisions 6+

  • Adult novices groups. Intended for paddlers who have completed the novice programme to integrate them with the club and other paddling groups.

  • Women’s Group. Intended for adult women of all abilities (U18s welcome).

  • U23’s Elite Paddling Group

  • Old Folk Paddling Group. Intended to get adult members to paddle and train together more often. All welcome.

  • DW Group – intended for DW paddlers and will form in the Autumn to help people prepare and train for DW. Focus on long-distance marathon paddling and course familiarisation.

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