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Reporting Safeguarding and Welfare Concerns

Please report, in the first instance, any safeguarding or welfare concern, to our Welfare Officer whether it’s a concern or allegation that has been disclosed to you by someone else, whether it’s something you have witnessed yourself or just something that has been worrying you.

Our safeguarding team will treat all safeguarding and welfare concerns sensitively and seriously.

If you or someone else needs immediate medical attention, or you or someone else is at risk of immediate harm or danger, call emergency services for the police or ambulance (999 or 112) immediately.

If you’ve been personally affected:

Report your concern to the Club’s Safeguarding and Welfare team 


  • Tell someone you trust
  • Call Paddle UK Safeguarding lead Tel: 0115 8655354*
  • Call (24 hour helpline) Childline 0800 1111 or NSPCC 0808 800 5000 (keep trying if you can’t get through straight away)

*(If calling out of office hours, leave a message and they will respond as soon as possible the next working day.)

If you have a concern about someone else:

Remember: It is not your responsibility to investigate a concern or allegation, or to decide whether someone is being abused. It is your responsibility to pass the information you have on to the appropriate person or organization.

  • Report your concern to one of the Club’s Safeguarding and Welfare team 
  • Report the concern to Paddle UK Safeguarding lead Tel: 0115 8655354*
  • Complete the Paddle UK Reporting Concerns Form with as much information as you can 
  • If there is an urgent concern and the Paddle UK Safeguarding Officer is unavailable refer immediately to Children’s Social Care, Adult’s Social Care or the Police.

ENSURE YOU KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR CONCERN AND HOW YOU REPORTED IT. Try to include the date, time and place, what happened, the name of anyone who may have seen what happened and who you reported it to and when. Try to note as much detail as you remember.