Club Governance Structure

Our committee membership for 2021/22 was confirmed at the November AGM. Club governance revolves around three committees:

1. DCC CIO Trustees are responsible to the Charities Commission for club strategy, governance, financial health, and the built estate.

2. A Club Management Committee is delegated by the Trustees to run club operations and deliver the programme.

3. A Coaching Team coordinates coaching programme delivery

DCC CIO Trustees

Chair  (Mark Bouch)

Secretary (Ann Slator)

Treasurer (Paul Papworth-Smith)

Trustee (Chris Jones)

Trustee (Juliet Fooks)

Trustee (Andy Allen)

Trustee (Sue Colby)

In attendance: Facilities Manager (Stuart Colby)

DCC Management Committee

Chair  (Mark Bouch)

Secretary (Ann Slator)

Deputy Chair (Sue Colby)

Treasurer (Paul Papworth-Smith)

Coaching Team Lead (Bev Hunter)

Public Relations (Anna Overton)

Welfare & Safeguarding Officer (Katie Scaplehorn).

Volunteer Coordinator (Emma O’Hare)

Competition/Club Racing Teams Nigel Chivers (Seniors) Sarah Cook (Juniors)

Senior Section Focus (Nigel Chivers)

Junior Section Focus (Anna Overton)

Safety Officer (Ian Thackeray)

Club Events (Sue Colby)

In addition, the committee invites a number of volunteers to perform valuable roles, but without the requirement to sit on the management committee.

Other Club Officers

British Canoeing/SRC/MRC Liaison (Chris Jones)

Senior Adult Paddling Group (Roger Edwards)

DW/Endurance Paddling Group (Dan Colby)

Website content management (Lindyanne)

Boat Storage (Nigel Chivers)

DBS Coordinator (Ian Thackeray)

Talent/High Performance Coach (Trev Hunter)

Facilities Management/Maintenance (Stuart Colby)

Deputy Welfare Officers  (Dan Colby, Anna Overton, Emma O’Hare)

Coaching Team

Coaching Team Lead (Bev Hunter)

Senior Coaching Coordinator (Sue Colby)

Junior Coaching Coordinator (Jon Scaplehorn)

All qualified coaches, development coaches and paddlesport leaders/assistants are invited to attend coaching team meetings

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