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Club Document Library

This is a member’s resource of all important documentation for Devizes Canoe Club. It is organised in folders:

  1. Club Governance 
  2. Club Codes of Conduct
  3. Club Safeguarding
  4. Club Operations
  5. Club Risk Assessments

1. Club Governance

In this section, you will find important documents relating to CIO governance.

2. Club Codes of Conduct

In this section, you will find our codes of conduct setting standards of behaviour that we expect from paddlers and supporters. 

3. Club Safeguarding Policies

In this section, you will find club policies related to safeguarding and intended to make our club a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

4. Club Management Policies

In this section, you will find club policies that ensure our club operations and facilities are safe and effectively managed for the benefit of everyone.

5. Club Risk Assessments

In this section you will find current club risk assessments

General Club Risk Assessment

This risk assessment covers routine operations in local waters

Risk Assessment for Gym Use

This risk assessment covers indoor training and gymnasium use at the club 

Generic Risk Assessment Template

This general template is intended for use by activity leaders and event organizers when planning any activity away from the club, which is not covered by our generic risk assessment (GRA).

Please complete the template, identify how to mitigate any risk, and file the RA with our HAS Officer (Ian Thackray). Seek advice if you need to.