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Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms

I agree that the club is not responsible for any loss of property on the premises whilst I am/ my child/ren are at any function organised by the club

Upon acceptance into membership of Devizes Canoe Club I/we understand that canoeing can be a hazardous activity and is undertaken at my/our own risk. I/we shall promptly declare to the Club any medical condition or disability which may affect my/our ability to perform strenuous exercise and in this event shall seek medical advice as to whether canoeing is suitable for me/us.

Recurring Payment Terms

Frequency of Payments

A recurring payment in the sum provided to you on our website will be made every calendar month (“Monthly Payment”) for Coaching Subs (“your service”) on a recurring basis.

Recurring Payment Failure

If your recurring payment is declined, you will be contacted by phone or email. We may permanently restrict your ability to use a certain payment method if that payment method fails multiple times. REMEMBER: If your Recurring Payment fails, you will need to replenish your account with another payment method. If payment is not made and you do not make a payment by the end of your billing cycle, your service may be suspended or cancelled.

Cancellation of Automatic Recurring Payment

You have the right to withdraw your consent to this Recurring Payment at any time. If you do so any sums already paid are not refunded. Instead, your service will run its course to the end of the then current month. If you wish to cancel you should email us.

Changing Automatic Recurring Payment

If you would like to change your Recurring Payment including, for example, making a change from one credit or debit card that was initially selected to another credit or debit card or bank account, you must authorize the recurring payment with the new credit or debit card or bank account and you should let us know by email.


By providing my credit, or debit card or bank account information (“Payment Method”), I AGREE that I have read and understand this Recurring Payment Agreement.