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Inter Club Regatta

September 3rd and 4th

A great weekend for DCC junior team. We had four newly registered paddlers competing: Max (Boys D), Luke, George and Gus (Lightening A). Therefore, a much bigger and louder support team!

All paddlers did extremely well, as always at times battling the cross winds and gusts.

Results for finals as follows:

K1 Events

  • Mollie

    2nd Final 1 Girls A/B K1 500m
    1st Final 1 Girls A/B K2 200m
    1st Final 1 Girls A/B K2 500m

  • Charlie

    6th Boys B Final 2 K1 200m

  • Arthur

    7th Final 2 Boys B K1 1000m

  • Cam

    U16 K1 200, 7th Final 3
    U16 K1 1000, 8th Final 2
    U16 K2 1000, 8th Final

  • Max

    3rd Final 3 Boys D K1 500m
    8th Final 3 Boys D K1 200m

  • Dylan

    9th Final 1 Boys C K1 500m
    2nd Final 2 Boys C K1 200m

  • Jamie

    4th Final 1 Boys D K1 500m
    3rd Final 1 Boys D K1 500m

  • Phillipe

    9th Final 1 Boys B K1 500m
    8th Final 1 Boys B K1 1000m

  • George

    4th Lightening K1 500m

  • Connie

    6th Lightening K1 500m

Mollie Ball

DCC Junior Juniors

Olympic Hopefuls K2

Mini K4 Team

Cam in the K1

Philippe in lane 3

K2 & K4

  • Connie, George, Luke & Gus

    4th Lightening K4 500m

  • Arthur, Phillipe, Dylan & Charlie

    6th Boys A/B K4 500m

  • Arthur & Phillipe

    3rd Final 2 Boys A/B K2 500m

  • Cam & Max

    8th Boys D K2 500m

  • George & Connie

    6th Lightening K2 500m

  • Luke & Gus

    8th Lightening K2 500m

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