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Nottingham – Junior National Championships

July 3rd and 4th 2021

The under 14 team in action

The Junior racing squad certainly made an impression at Nottingham, Junior Nationals this weekend, coming away with a total of six medals!

Each and every member of the team gave a fantastic performance, with many A and B finals reached. But most importantly the level of sportsmanship and comradery between the team and spectators was outstanding. A great time was had by all, despite the many very heavy showers.

  • Flossie Ball

    U23 K1 1000, 8th
    Open Women K1 200, 5th
    Open Women K2 500, 9th

  • Charlie Allen

    U18 K1 1000, 7th in Heat
    U18 K1 500, 8th in Heat

  • Mollie Ball

    U16 K2 500, 3rd
    U16 K1 200, 6th
    U16 K1 500, 7th

  • Will Scaplehorn

    U16 K1 200, 7th Final 3
    U16 K1 1000, 8th Final 2
    U16 K2 1000, 8th Final

  • Daisy Ball

    U14 K4 500, 2nd
    U14 K2 500, 3rd
    U14 K2 200, 2nd
    U14 K1 200, 6th
    U14 K1 500, 5th

  • Dylan Martin

    U14 K4 500, 2nd
    U14 K2, 1000, 3rd
    U14 K1 200, 6th Final 2
    U14 K1 500, 3rd Final 2

  • Cam O’Hare

    U14 K4 500, 2nd
    U14 K1 200, 8th Final 2
    U14 K1 500, 6th Final 2

  • Phillipe Ehrnrooth

    U14 K4 500, 2nd
    U16 K2 1000, 9th Final
    U14 K1 500, 5th Final 1
    U14 K1 200, 9th Final 1

  • Arthur Hunter-Hopkins

    U14 K4 500, 2nd
    U14 K2 1000, 3rd
    U14 K1 500, 1st Final 2
    U14 K1 200, 3rd Final 2

Mollie Ball - U16 K2 500, 3rd
U14 K4 500, Silver Medal
U14 K2 500, Bronze Medal
U14 K2 500, Bronze Medal
Mollie K2
The boys under 14 K4 team
Will & Philippe K2
Will - K1
Arthur Dylan K2 Under 14
Charlie in lane 7
Daisy Ball-Silver Medal
Flossie Ball