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Honey Street Junior K2

Sunday 14 November 2021

Honey Street Canal

Bev & Trev organised a lovely Sunday paddle from Honey Street back to the club (8 miles).

Youngsters were teamed up with a more experienced junior paddler &/or chaperoned down the canal by our racing squad members to enable them to complete their longest paddle to date. Some even doubled their previous longest distance.

All good experience!


Who said you need a big car

to carry kayaks

Getting the boats onto the water

Getting the boats onto the water

It might look chaotic, but it was really a slick operation.


The dogs were overseeing it all, with a bit of help from Trev.

Boat on!

Complete with silly hats.

Not like that, Will!

Little brother directs

Dad steps in

We will get this show on the canal.

First Group are off!

On their way

only 7.8 miles to go!