Racing News

Congratulations to Charlie who won promotion to Boys C at the March sprint regatta in Nottingham last weekend.

This weekend saw Charlie taking part in the Wey Sprints. The day started with a 2K time trial to seed the paddlers into heats with paddlers ranging from Div 1 through to 9. Charlie was seeded into 13th out of 48 paddlers with a time of 11mins 11secs placing him at the top of H4.

This was followed by sprints within the heats:

1000m – 1st

500m – 1st

200m – 1st

Final day placings, out of 60 paddlers, for Charlie were: 13th in 2000m; 10th in 1000m; 9th in 500m and 8th in 200m.

Many congratulations Charlie!

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