Nottingham Band Together Sprints 1st and 2nd June

After a few weeks of marathon racing across rivers and estuaries in the south and south west a team of 7 Devizes Canoe Club paddlers returned to the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham for a weekend’s sprint paddling.

The weekend was blessed with some excellent weather especially on Saturday, a marked difference to the previous regatta where the athletes had to contend with storm force winds!!

This regatta is slightly different in two aspects:

  1. The paddlers are grouped in bands of ability mixing ages and sexes in the same group
  2. Saturday was all single paddler races and Sunday crew boats

There were some major achievements on Saturday:

Daisie gaining a 3rd in the Girls U12s 500m and 5th in the Girls U12s 200m race along with a 6th in the final of the Lightning 500m race.

Mollie showed some excellent stamina competing all day and coming 6th in the 200m, 3rd in the 500m and 1st in the 5000m.

Flossie on return from her recent success in Germany came 5th in the 1000m, 3rd in the 500m F2 and 4th in the 5000m.

Charlie competing against some experienced paddlers came 9th in the 200m, 7th in F2 of the 500m and 6th in the 5000m.

Mae returned to the regatta lake at Nottingham where she came 6th and 5th respectively in her heats of the 200m and 500m races. Unfortunately, she was adjudged to have gone inside one of the turn buoys in the 5000m so did not record a finish.

Reeve had his best day at Nottingham in the singles. Debuting his new boat and larger paddles he won the 200m F2 but the energy expended meant that he could only achieve 6th in the 500m F2.

Dan competed all day with 4th in F2 of the 1000m, 7th in F2 of the 200m and probably his best performance was 7th in the F1 of the 500m where 4 paddlers had to be separated by a photo finish. He rounded off the day with a solid 9th in the 5000m race.

On Sunday the sun disappeared from view and there was a bit more wind. This was the day for crew boats where 2 or even 4 paddlers compete in the same boat against other crews.

The highlight for the watching spectators was Daisie with her partner Flo from Wiltshire Youth winning their 500m race by centimetres. This was after winning the K4 500m with the help of Flo and two paddlers from Linlithgow.

Mollie again had a full day competing with a 4th in the K4 500m followed by an excellent 2nd in F2 of the K2 500m, a 6th in F2 of the 200m K2 and finishing the day with  a 1st in the 5000m K2 along with her partner Matilda from Nottingham CC.

Flossie competing with Becky from Reading CC came 9th in the 500m final and 7th in the 1000m K2 against strong competition of both gender and age.

Dan and Reeve combined in the K2 where they came 4th in the 500m and narrowly 3rd in the 200m finals. Their experience is starting to come through.

An excellent showing by all paddlers, with a few weeks marathon racing to come there will be a return to Nottingham at the end of the month where it is expected there will be an exodus from Devizes to challenge for the inter club trophy against all the clubs across the country.

Thanks to Chris for the write-up and Reeve for the photos

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