Boat Storage 2019 -2020

We allocate boat storage annually from 1st April.  We currently have 54 spaces and more requests for storage than spaces.    The procedure for allocating boat storage for 2019 – 2020 will be as follows.

One storage space will be available for each Club member.   This will include junior members.

The storage fee will remain at £60 per annum or part thereof per boat.

Boat storage request forms (which contain all the details) can be downloaded here

If you want to apply for a boat storage space please print the form, one form per member.  Complete it and lodge it along with cash or a cheque for the storage fee with the Club Secretary as soon as possible after you have renewed your membership.

A decision on whether and where to allocate a storage space will be made by the Secretary and at least one other member of the Committee on 1st May 2019.   If we have had less than 54 requests everyone wanting a space will get one.  If we’ve got more than 54 applications we will have to allocate spaces on a number of criteria.

These will include allocating storage to Coaches who use their boats for coaching, to local members who can then walk or cycle to Club to reduce vehicle use and on the basis of usage.    We know that there are boats in the store that have not been used for the last year while other Club members have had to transport their boats to Club two or three times a week so we will take attendance in to account.

Pending the allocation of spaces the existing system and spaces will remain in use.

The combination lock number on the private boat store will be changed on the 1st May 2019 and the new number given to members with a storage space for 2019 to 2020.

Boats remaining in the store without a storage agreement will be removed.  Initially they will be put in the top rack of the right hand store and we will endeavour  to dispose of them and do not accept any responsibility for them as they are at the Club without our consent.

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